Substation & Lines Services

HVT is one of the largest installation contractors of high voltage cabling & stringing, tubular busbars projects and substation equipment, as required for substation build and renewal programmes. 8 crews trained and accredited up to 765kV. Services include design, supply, construction and installation of substation site services from equipment installation to turnkey substation construction.

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Site Services fills the gap in the market for high voltage accredited service providers

  • Design of distribution and transmission substations including equipment specification, layout + arrangement, control + protection ect.
  • Turnkey substation construction and rehabilitation projects
  • Sites Services provides skilled labour and project management to assist utilities and major project companies construct high voltage substations

– Tubular busbar systems

– Stringing busbar systems

– Substation cabling (protection and control)
– Installation of a complete range of substation equipment

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HVT has HV accredited, equipped teams

  • Supplier to Eskom 765kV substation build programme
  • Teams equipped to manage multiple large projects up to 765kV
  • Experienced technical, design & project management team
  • Each team is fully equipped with supervision, crane trucks, cherry pickers, appropriate tools, safety gear, etc.
  • 68 site staff have appropriate training (HV regs, safety, first aid, fall arrest, OEM training, etc.)
  • Full quality, safety and environmental management system

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Site Services

  • Semi-turnkey Substation Construction & Refurbishment
  • Bulk Earthworks
  • Civil works
  • Substation Primary Equipment Installations
  • Cabling, Stringing, Earthing and Tubular busbars
  • Substation Secondary Installations
  • Testing & Commissioning
  • 11-132kV Overhead Lines
  • Design, Installation and Commissioning of Indoor Substations
  • Specialised Services
  • Tavrida breaker and dog box Retrofitting, Testing and Commissioning
  • Transformer & Tap changer, Maintenance, Rigging, Specialised Testing, Installation and Commissioning
  • Indoor and Outdoor Switchgear Installation, Maintenance, Testing and Commissioning
  • Breakdown Services

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