Substation Equipment

Supplier and installer of high voltage substation equipment and logistics to the utility & HV project companies as an agent of major international OEMs.


Local representative for major international OEMs

  • HVT provides local and regional technical support services by providing our customers with a link to overseas principal operations and product. We provide a regional office facility and services for the overseas principal.


  • Liaison between overseas manufacturers and regional customers
  • To interpret the customer needs and advise the manufacturer
  • To assist with the technical specification to meet the local needs
  • To assist with or provide the international and local procurement processes and logistics
  • To provide after sales technical support and advice to customers
  • To provide the overseas manufacturer with local knowledge and market intelligence


  • Power Transformers – 5 – 2000 MVA oil & Dry resign type
  • Instrument Transformers – 11kV to 800kV – CVT’s, CC, CT’s (Oil, SF6, Dry resign type)
  • Insulators – Porcelain station post, Composite line
  • Bus Bars – Aluminum Tubes and fittings
  • Line Fittings – Aluminium clamps, terminals, line hardware
  • Circuit Breakers – 11kV to 800kV SF6
  • Disconnectors – Panto, Centre break/rotating, Knee type
  • Distribution Transformers (new + refurbished) up to 1MVA specialised transformers skid mounted and mobile substations/transformers
  • Capacitors – Full Film power, Surge and Test Capacitors
  • Air cored reactors – 11kV to 800kV epoxy encapsulated – Filter, DC, CLR, FLR, Line Traps, SVC reactors, NGR, Peterson coil
  • Switchgear
  • Mini Substations
  • Line Traps

Equipment customer base includes

  • The major project management companies in the region being ABB, Siemens, Alstom, Sasol, Consolidated Power, Trans Africa Projects, and many other independent industrial, mining and manufacturing end user companies.
  • Regional Utilities, Eskom, NamPower, Botswana Power, EDM, Zesa, KPLC, Zesco, South African regional distributors.

OEM relationships includes

  • Trench Electric (Reactors, Instrument transformers, Line traps), Hapam BV (Disconnectors), PPC Insulators, Alcan (tubular busbars), Ribe (clamps, fittings), Smit (Power Tranformers), Hyosung (MV + HV switchgear, Power Transformers, GIS), Hyundai Heavy Industries (MV + HV switchgear, Power Transformers, GIS), Transformco (Distribution Transformers), Siemens (HV circuit breakers), ABB