High Voltage Testing

List of equipment used to conduct HV tests on Eskom Transformers at Power stations, Transmission stations and Distribution stations. Also large Municipalities and the private sector.

List of Equipment

  • Fluke 5 KV meggar insulation tester. Model 1550C.
  • Doble Tan Delta. Model M4100
  • Doble S.F.R.A. Model M5200.
  • Meggar Polarization Index insulation tester. Model MIT1025.
  • Raytech Transformer turns ratio tester model TR-SPY
  • Raytech DC Winding Resistance tester model WR50-12
  • Omicron CT Analyzer advanced package .
  • Kinghams 1000 Amp primary injection tests.
  • Bauer secondary current injection tests.

Available Tests

  • 5/10 KV Meggar tests.
  • HV/MV/LV Impedance tests. ( Copper losses ).
  • HV/MV/LV Magnetization tests. ( Iron Losses ).
  • Full winding Ratio tests. ( All Taps ).
  • Polarity Tests. ( Vector ).
  • Bushing Tan Delta / Capacitance tests.
  • Trfr Winding Tan Delta / Capacitance tests.
  • Zero Phase Sequence Tests.
  • Polarization Index Tests.
  • S.F.R.A. tests. ( Sweep Frequency Response Analysis )
  • Tapchanger Divertor Continuity Tests.
  • Winding DC. Resistance tests.
  • CT tests.
  • Protection cold and final commissioning tests.

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